Assembly Tools

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Staple Guns

You will need a staple/nail gun to secure each side of your cabinet box together. If you're a contractor and/or industry professional (or frequent DIYer!) this is a great time to invest in some new equipment.

Staples, Nails, & Staple Gun Oil

Drivers & Drills



You probably already have a screwdriver at home, but if you are looking to consolidate and/or upgrade, here are our favorite two options.

Wood Glue

We recommend using wood glue to help secure every joint during assembly. Here are three of our tried and true favorites you may have seen in our assembly videos.


Clamps will help keep your cabinet box in place while you are securing with wood glue, staples/nails, and screws. For large projects, consider purchase a few sizes and options.

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Download Our Assembly Tools & Supplies PDF