Base Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Tools and Materials Needed for Assembly:

  • Staple Gun with ½” staples
  • Drill
  • Hammer and Mallet
  • Wood Glue
  • Bar Clamp
  • Marking Jig
  • Knife
  • Pencil


  1. First, lay the face frame of the cabinet face down and apply wood glue to the face frame dado. Insert the cabinet sides into the dado, and then secure it using the assembly blocks. Place a pair of staples into each leg of the block. 
  2. Apply wood glue and insert the bottom of the cabinet into the dados. Next, staple from the bottom at a 45-degree angle into the cabinet sides. Using the assembly blocks, secure the bottom to the face frame and sides.
  3. Secure assembly blocks on the toe kick, one on each end and one in the middle. Clamp the bottom sides of the cabinet and insert the toe kick. Next, secure the toe kick into place.
  4. Apply wood glue to the left and right-side panel dados. Screw the drawer slide brackets into the cabinet back and insert the cabinet back into the grooves.
  5. Clamp the left and right-side panels together and screw the pocket screws into the cabinet back. Using the jig,mark the cabinet back and then screw it into the bottom.
  6. Attach the drawer slides to the cabinet face frame and rear brackets.
  7. Add wood glue to each dovetail dado on all drawer box pieces.
  8. Attach the left and right drawer box sides to the drawer head and tap the dovetails into place using the mallet (Note: The drawer box front is pre-attached to the drawer head).
  9. Insert the bottom of the drawer into the drawer box dados, then attach the back of the drawer box and tap the dovetails into place using the mallet.
  10. Staple the drawer bottom from underneath at a 45-degree angle, then attach the drawer slide clips to the front underside. Next, insert the drawer box into the cabinet.
  11. Install the shelf clips into the cabinet, then insert the shelves.
  12. Apply wood glue to the corner brackets and staple to all four corners of the cabinet.
  13. Attach the hinges to the door and then mount the door to the face frame.