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3 Mistakes to Avoid in a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can be a time-consuming and costly process. In a previous article, we examined the average cost for bathroom remodels, which is around $10,000. While that number can look intimidating, any mistakes you make during the remodel have the potential to double it. And so, we decided to take a look at 3 common mistakes during a bathroom remodel in hopes that you can avoid them during your project. 

While there are a variety of individual projects and a multitude of factors that could go wrong with each one, we are going to take a look at 3 broad categories that should help you avoid the vast majority of mistakes. As stated above, a bathroom remodel is time-consuming both in the execution phase, but it will also require a time investment into research and planning. 

1: not making a plan

Starting off with a proper plan is the first step to any and every home improvement or remodeling project. Not properly planning your bathroom renovation could lead to not having all of the necessary materials at the time of the project. If you have hired professional help, not being ready at the start date can cause expensive delays and rescheduling. 

A small bathroom with a single sink vanity

Additionally, not doing proper research and knowing what you can and cannot DIY can get you in over your head quickly. Before you jump on Google to do your research, take a moment to think about what you hope to accomplish. 

Some bathroom remodeling projects require more skills and tools than the average homeowner will have handy. If you are planning to move any of your plumbing fixtures, change the layout, or add any new structure to the design, then you may be required to acquire permits.

Be sure to apply for any and all permits that are relevant to your project, so that you are not hit if fines down the road. 

budgeting and scheduling

In addition to planning out what exactly you want to accomplish, you will also need to create a budget and a schedule. If you are going to DIY this remodel, then it can be tempting to “fly by the seat of your pants” for the budget and schedule. However, this is almost a guaranteed way to ensure that your project takes longer and costs more. 

You should create an itemized budget so that you have an idea of what you want to spend to accomplish each project. Once you have your full list of items, you can start to think about the order that of the projects that will be accomplished. Remember, that any wallpapering or painting of your bathroom walls or vanity should be toward the top of the list to allow maximum drying time. 

2: ignoring ventilation

Opening up and repairing vents can be intimidating, as you never know exactly what is waiting to greet you. This can be a costly mistake in terms of both money and your health. If your bathroom ventilation is not working properly and you avoid that task in your remodel, then you could be inviting mold and mildew into your home. 

A large bathroom with a double sink vanity.

This is because of the high levels of moisture present in most bathrooms, which will collect when not properly ventilated. Eventually, this moisture will lead to mold and mildew that can damage your bathroom and your health. 

It is recommended to do your best to position your ventilation on an exterior wall if possible so that you can get the best air movement. 

don’t cut corners with primer

Whether you are painting or wallpapering, you will need to use a primer to treat your walls. For paint, you can often find paint and primer combinations. However, these tend to be less effective than using a separate paint and primer. Whichever route you choose, ensure that the primer you are using is designed to resist moisture and kill mold and mildew. 

3: rushing to the end

When the finish line comes into sight, we often feel a second wind. However, this can just as often cause us to make mistakes in our enthusiasm. This is where you plan and schedule from the beginning of the project will be a lifesaver. 

A small, modern bathroom

In the final stages of your bathroom remodel your schedule can become a checklist. This way you won’t forget smaller items like re-caulking around the tub or toilet. Additionally, if you have followed through on your schedule, you should feel comfortable slowing down a bit here, in order to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. 

finishing up

As you can see, there is a lot that can go wrong when you do not take your time and properly plan your bathroom remodel. Whether you are trying to add extra space to a small bathroom or you are planning a complete bathroom makeover with an interior designer, it pays, and saves money, to start with a proper plan.

A large, modern bathroom with a double bowl bathroom vanity.

If your bathroom remodel includes a new double sink vanity or new wall cabinets, our interior designers are here for you! Book a free consultation today, and you can work one-on-one with one of our cabinet experts to create your dream space today. Feel free to give us a call at 855.669.6609, an email to, or you can fill out our design request form so we can get starting helping you.


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