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Product Spotlight: The Open Shelf Vanity

If you read our blog on the national average spent for a bathroom remodel, then you know that Americans are spending around $10,000 to update their bathrooms. You may also remember that the more cost-efficient the project, the more value you are able to recoup in your home. At the EducationHub from CabinetHub, we asked ourselves how we could support our customers who are looking to remodel their bathrooms.

We want to introduce you to the Open Shelf Bathroom Vanity! In this product spotlight, we are going to show you why this single sink vanity is a great choice for a variety of designs. The open shelf vanity is available in all of our cabinetry styles except for the Lenox and Taylor. 

the specs

Napa white open shelf vanity.

The first thing to know is the dimensions of the open-shelf vanity. In all its available styles, this vanity measures 36” wide, 34.5” tall, and 21” deep. It also features two drawers that are 31.5” wide and 6.75” tall. And finally, the bottom shelf is 5” off the ground, and there is 13.5” of space between it and the bottom drawer. Both drawers are U-shaped, in order to allow the plumbing to be easily installed. The sides and back are constructed from .75” thick plywood. The bottom shelf is also .75” thick. 


These are great for DIY remodeling projects, as we provide step-by-step instructions for assembling our open-shelf vanity. The open shelf vanity also includes adjustable metal feet, so that you can ensure that everything stays level. At just under three feet wide, the open shelf vanity is perfect for those who need a hardworking vanity that does not take up a lot of space. For your convenience, we also have the option to have your open-shelf vanity assembled before it ships. 

the cost

Shaker espresso open shelf vanity

Our open-shelf vanities retail for around $850-$950 before shipping depending on the style and any additions you make, such as having the vanity assembled before it ships. Whether you have us assemble the vanity or you do it yourself, all our open-shelf vanities are shipped fully-finished, so that you don’t have to worry about any painting or sealing. 

How to Get Your Open Shelf Vanity

  1. Measure

  • The first step to ordering your new open-shelf vanity is to measure your bathroom. Make sure the space is large enough for you to comfortably use the vanity.
  • Make Your Design

    • Now that you have all your measurements, plan out a few designs. While you may be comfortable with the current layout, it can be helpful to experiment with the space. You may discover that your current layout is perfect, or you may find slight alternations that make your bathroom more comfortable. 
  • Select Your Style

    • Finally, select the style for your open-shelf vanity. As stated above, our open-shelf vanity is available in all of our cabinetry styles other than the Lenox and Taylor collections. 

    Finishing Up

    A bathroom with the shaker espresso open shelf bathroom vanity.

    When you are ready to order or if you have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-669-6609 or an email at Our US-based customer service team and designers are here to help you design your dream kitchen today!


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